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The ten best start-ups for the book industry: Content Shift Accelerator enters the next round

Ten start-ups from an international pool of applications have been nominated by the jury | Pitch for a sponsorship programme place on 28.06.2022 | Börsenverein Group offering an exclusive networking opportunity and funding of 10,000 Euro

The jury has made its selection: Ten remarkable start-ups will take part in the Börsenverein Group Content Shift Accelerator 2022. A total of 39 start-ups from three continents applied for this year’s round of the sponsorship programme, including entrepreneurs from Denmark, India, Canada and the UK. The top 10 selection shows how digital tools can make our lives more pleasant and joyful – and how digital applications can be made easier for us to use.

The nominated start-ups in alphabetical order

  • ACTitude offers easy-to-understand, online psychological courses based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), providing skills that can be immediately applied.
  • Enna implifies the use of digital applications, such as video calls or digital photo albums, with an easy-to-use device that consists of a docking station and contact cards.
  • Guidable is a platform where users can tell stories, create audio tours and monetise them by making them available to the community.
  • Heimsafari offers treasure hunts for children – combining analogue hiding places with app-based puzzles and adventures.
  • Immer.App is designed to encourage us, also in digital form, to read more, for longer and more enjoyably by optimising books for mobile phones or tablets according to the user’s behaviour.
  • Kompreno translates editorial contributions from all over Europe into the user's own language and makes reading recommendations according to the user's interests.
  • Librileo aims to spark a love of reading in primary school children with its reading club – via regularly sent book boxes, monthly online reading lessons and a media library full of storytelling videos.
  • QuizCo converts existing documents, such as exam papers, into high-quality learning materials such as quizzes, cloze tests and flashcards at the touch of a button.
  • Storyverse enhances printed books through multimedia content such as augmented reality, videos, images, animations and 3D viewers.
  • Vendery creates an even greater connection between shoppers and products sold online, with its multi-senses shopping platform.

All ten start-ups will present their business ideas at a pitch event in Frankfurt on 28.06.2022, where the jury will then select five of them. In the following months, the entrepreneurs from the selected start-ups will have access to a top-class network of investors as well as start-up and industry experts from the book and media industry. They will receive coaching and participate in a co-creation workshop to review their business models and explore current challenges and cooperation opportunities. The jury will select the "Start-up of the Year" at the Frankfurt Book Fair on 20.10.2022, which will be awarded 10,000 euros in funding.

The Accelerator programme is sponsored by companies from the book and media industry, which send members to the CONTENTshift jury. This year's jury includes: Detlef Büttner and Leif Göritz (Lehmanns Media/Thalia Bookstore), Olaf Carstens (Cornelsen Publishing House), Stephan Dietrich (Junfermann Publishing House), Nina Hugendubel and Per Dalheimer (Hugendubel Bookstore), Stefanie Penck (TeNeues Publishing House), Wolfgang Pichler (MANZ Publishing House and Bookstore), Ronald Schild (MVB), Peter Kraus vom Cleff (Börsenverein) as well as Deepa Gautam-Nigge (SAP Next-Gen Innovation Network) as a partner of the programme from outside the industry.

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