Search and find journals with ZIS: The journal database in the VLB

The Journal Information Service (Zeitschriften-Informations-Service - ZIS) provides you with information on 1,500 professional journals, scientific journals, and cultural magazines from more than 300 publishing houses in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The service is available as part of the Verzeichnis Lieferbarer Bücher (VLB) - the German catalog of available books - for convenient online research and also as an annually updated catalog. In addition, the journals of ZIS can also be searched via, the public research platform of VLB.

For Booksellers

In the ZIS catalog with 1,500 titles from over 300 publishers, you can search in VLB and in the printed catalog. In addition to the subscription prices, information on publication dates and notice periods as well as important publishing house data are displayed.

For Publishers

Our Sservices for Publishers at a Glance:

  • convenient reporting of title information with cover illustration and content description via VLB
  • Publication of all journals reported to ZIS in VLB at for online research for bookstores and libraries
  • Creation and free distribution of the ZIS catalog at the book fairs in Frankfurt and Leipzig and free shipping on request