MVB – What we represent

We set standards

With our true passion for books, we advocate for a shared language that can be used uniformly across borders to clearly describe and thus search for and find books.

As a central interface in the book industry, we take responsibility for ensuring that such international standards are not only applied consistently, but also further developed on an ongoing basis and even completely redesigned when necessary. To do this, we bring the needs that arise in our markets to the attention of the relevant international bodies, so that the marketing of books via our infrastructure and offerings is as efficient as possible.

Moreover, we have been investing in the internationalization of our business for years. After all, that is what allows more and more people in the book industry to benefit directly from our expertise and digitize their processes, making books as visible as possible both at home and abroad. At the same time, this growth ensures we can operate our platforms economically despite the ongoing need for modernization and the consolidation taking place in the markets.

When developing our offerings, we rely on collaborative and agile processes in order to reflect current developments flexibly and quickly based on our customers’ needs. This approach has allowed us to make a difference, as these awards attest – for which we say thank you!

We are part of the Börsenverein Group, along with the German Publishers & Booksellers Association, Frankfurter Buchmesse and Mediacampus Frankfurt. That makes us the first point of contact for key activities in the book and media sector – from representing industry interests and implementing cultural projects to organising trade fairs and marketing campaigns, to promoting education and training.

We love diversity

MVB promotes a culture in which people engage constructively and openly with different ideas, perspectives and viewpoints, while dialoguing with each other.

The formation of public opinion is an important prerequisite for a democratic society and an essential cornerstone of the work done by journalists, publicists and others. We are therefore committed to promoting respect, tolerance and solidarity and are opposed to all forms of discrimination, exclusion and extremism. As a partner for the Freedom of Expression Week, which was initiated by the German Publishers & Booksellers Association, we have signed the "Freedom of Expression Charter".

The book market is diverse – and that is good. Our offerings reflect that diversity in keeping with our support for freedom of expression, and we do not engage in censorship. The limits to expression become evident when any applicable laws are violated, an occurrence that is investigated and prosecuted by the relevant public authorities and courts. When it comes to the publication of promotional content, we make very prudent use of our ability to act under existing press laws and always do so in accordance with the maxim "when in doubt, we are on the side of freedom of expression".

We love it when people exchange views. What is very important for us in this context is that posts or comments on our digital channels are written in a way that is constructive, understandable and appreciative. Discrimination, insults, abuse and threats are not welcome – neither in the digital nor in the analogue world. Our netiquette page describes how we envision a lively dialogue among equals.

We connect people

We promote creative exchange and actively participate in networks, since the best ideas arise when people talk to each other.

We firmly believe that more and better things happen when everyone cooperates. We therefore happily share our experience and knowledge, and we are glad when something inspires us to explore new paths. That is why our team is a mixture of next-generation talents, people who have joined us from other fields, and proven industry professionals. It is also why we keep in close contact with our customers and look to other sectors to go beyond what we already know. We are active in various professional bodies and associations, serve on juries for competitions and organize our own events and formats.