Your Ticket to the Bookstore

The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a unique identification system for monographic publications. Not only print products with different types of binding but also e-books with their different formats are clearly and machine-readably identified. This makes the ISBN the basis for a smooth trade with books in any form and across national borders.

The administration of ISBN for Germany is the responsibility of the ISBN agency, which belongs to MVB.

The ISBN for Publishers and Selfpublishers

With the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) you take the first step towards professional marketing of your title. This applies to both, selfpublishers and publishers. As a globally valid identification number, the ISBN clearly identifies products such as printed books, e-books, picture calendars and maps, making them unmistakable. The ISBN forms the basis for ensuring that your title can be found easily by booksellers and their customers.

The ISBN accompanies publishing products from the moment they are produced so that they can be clearly identified at all times. This simplifies the ordering and stock management processes in publishing houses and bookstores and contributes to rationalization. The ISBN is fundamental for an overview of the product portfolio and turnover and simplifies the planning and control of sales and marketing campaigns.