Electronic ordering for booksellers with ISBN routing

Teleordering is an electronic ordering system that is used by booksellers worldwide, to order from UK and international publishers. It can be connected directly to both suppliers and bookseller systems, as well as point of sales (POS) systems. It is linked with bibliographic data so that booksellers only need to provide a title’s ISBN, and Teleordering will route the order to the correct supplier. It has been at the heart of the book trade for over twenty years and routes orders to over 7,000 publishers. It facilitates ordering to both large and small publishers thus enabling a level playing field for all publishers regardless of size.

Teleordering Platform Replacement 2023

To help ensure the success of the new platform MVB is looking for a limited number of suppliers to participate in early testing this autumn. Ideally this will be suppliers who have a test environment that is separate from the live environment. If you are interested in participating in this, please fill in the form below:

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