45 minutes

Frankfurt am Main, Germany


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Reading Rationales for dummies: it's that simple

How to successfully start working with the Reading Rationales.

People want to be inspired - especially those who rarely reach for a book. To do this, books must send clear signals in all ways about the need they serve, i.e. the Reading Rationale they represent. Stephanie Lange and Robin Jung show you how to do this - from the first manuscript idea to the presentation of the finished work for booksellers and libraries - when they present their new guide "Reading Rationales for Dummies". See for yourself how low the entry hurdle is for working with Reading Rationales and how high the potential is for new buying impulses and lasting reading pleasure. In addition to tips & tricks for your everyday work, you will of course receive your personal copy of "Reading Rationales for Dummies" at the presentation.

Further information: www.mvb-online.de/metadaten-fuer-dummies

Venue: Messe Frankfurt | Hall 4.0, E 21 | Zentrum Börsenverein

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