60 Minutes

Buchhandlung Ludwig, Hauptbahnhof , Willy-Brandt-Platz 5, 04109 Leipzig


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Stephanie Lange, sales consultant

Heike Lobin, store manager

Reading Rationales at LUDWIG: Orientation in the Non-Fiction Department

Station Bookshop Shows Title Presentation Based on Unconscious Customer Needs

Making Reading Rationales literally tangible: That is the aim of our joint pilot project with the LUDWIG bookshop. At this year's Leipziger Buchmesse, we want to share with you the process of how a bookshop can use the Reading Rationales in its stores.

Following the successful implementation of the Reading Rationales in the fiction department last year, the branch at Leipzig Central Station has added the Reading Ratioanles to its non-fiction department. With the support of sales expert Stephanie Lange the bookshop team has rearranged the presentation on various tables in the extensive range to make it easier for book buyers to find their way around. This creates new buying impulses that promise additional sales.

We will be presenting the concept at a public event in the bookshop on the day before the fair.