Migration Status and Updates

Status & Updates

Known Issues Description / Workaround Impacted Status
Authentication issues while uploading order files via WebUI Retailers should make sure to access the HTTPS version of Pubeasy at https://www.pubeasy.com, or request access to upload order files over FTP Former BDOL users ongoing

Known issues which are being addressed

Product Update

Known issues which have been resolved

We understand your anticipation for new features and improvements. Here are the upcoming features and enhancements on our roadmap for 2023. We will update the list as we move forward. Your feedback is valuable to us if there is anything crucial missing for your business. Many thanks for your patience.

Known Issues Description / Workaround Impacted Status
Issues with Routing Service Challenges with routing service for a number of publishers Teleordering Retailers and Suppliers Resolved and continuously improving
Email notifications for new orders are not being sent Publishers can check online whether they have received new orders in their Order Manager Inbox Teleordering Suppliers Resolved
Changing the password on "Account Settings" does not work Use the Reset Password link All customers Resolved
Delays with FTP Push files Files pushed manually by MVB support team FTP Push customers Resolved


Features / FunctionalityDetailsRelevant for
Enhance RoutingServiceEnhance RoutingService capabilitiesPublishers
Enhanced EDI customizationImplementation of customized EDI versionSpecific Customers
My Account SettingsEnhanced options for users to change Account & Mailbox SettingsAll Users
Managing Email NotificationsOptions to change / edit email notificationsAll Users
Invoice PreviewSupport Preview for Invoice at Order ManagerPublishers
Title and Author in Order ManagerTitle and Author will be visible at Order ManagerPublishers
Order AssistantIntroduce ability to use RoutingService for all Pubeasy Retailer users (UK)Retailers


Features / FunctionalityDetailsRelevant for
Create Credit Noted (via WebUI)
Credit Notes as one of the EDI standards should be supported at Order Manager
All Users
CSV Customization
Allow Publishers to customize CSV Downloads
Visibility of Nielsen Products
Enhanced access to products from RoutingService Suppliers
Notification – Order Acknowledgement
Support further options for Email Notifications

News Releases

June 2023

Final Call Communications:

May 2023

Communication about the launch date on 21 June 2023, click here.

January 2023

Started testing phases with a select group of customers.

December 2022

Information about the testing phase in January and February, click here.