The Technology of VLB in International Use

Under the Metabooks brand, we are offering the VLB technology internationally. Metabooks provide publishing houses and booksellers a comprehensive infrastructure for uniform metadata management.

The Portuguese-language version went online in Brazil in July 2017. The project was initiated by the Brazilian Book Chamber (Câmara Brasileira do Livro), Frankfurter Buchmesse GmbH and MVB. The metadata platform is now operated by the common joint venture company MVB Ltda. operated in Brazil.

As a next step we started to bring the benefits of the VLB platform to Mexico in 2019.

The unified metadata platform

Metabooks helps publishers and booksellers share accurate and timely bibliographic metadata which is the foundation of successful bookselling. For publishers, Metabooks provides the ultimate marketing tool for wide distribution of rich product data for their titles. For booksellers, it is the primary source of information on all titles of the respective country.

Metabooks is based on the German books-in-print-catalogue VLB, established in 1971 for the German-speaking book market. The VLB platform was completely rebuilt and modernized in 2015, and adapted for the Brazilian market in 2017.