Electronic ordering for booksellers with ISBN routing

Teleordering is a collection of electronic ordering services used by booksellers worldwide to order from UK publishers. The Teleordering services include:

  • Book Order Dispatch (postal)
  • BookNet Online Order Collection Service (OOCS)
  • BookNet Publisher Service
  • Web Ordering via BookData Online
  • BookNet API Services (BNAPI)
  • FTP Services
  • EDI Services

Teleordering services can be connected directly to both suppliers and bookseller systems, point of sales (POS) systems, as well as accessed via a web interface. Orders are linked with bibliographic data so that booksellers only need to provide a title’s ISBN and the Teleordering service will route the order to the correct supplier. Teleordering services have been at the heart of the book trade for over twenty years and route orders to over 7,000 publishers. Teleordering services facilitate ordering to both large and small publishers thus enabling a level playing field for all publishers regardless of size.

Bookstores and publishers are required to pay an annual fee based on their usage in the previous year.

If you would like more details about our pricing structure, please don't hesitate to contact our Commercial Team via email at They will be happy to provide you with further information.

Migration of UK Teleordering & EDI Services

In June of 2023, MVB migrated the collection of electronic ordering services formerly managed by Nielsen onto a single technology platform. Check here for key dates, important updates, troubleshooting assistance, and answers to frequently asked questions.