Preview is now called VLB-TIX. The platform for the complete book industry

VLB-TIX, the digital track information system for new titles is a platform for communication in the book industry on a daily basis and it complements the Verzeichnis Lieferbarer Bücher (VLB) - the German catalog of books-in-print. VLB-TIX improves the flow of information between publishing houses, booksellers, journalists, bloggers and interested readers.

Trading Books Together

Detailed product information on new titles of all 21,000 publishers listed in the German catalog of available books (VLB) facilitates the classification and evaluation of them. They could be marketed and purchased focussing on target groups as required.

Successful Marketing

VLB-TIX offers the opportunity for a consistent brand appearance.

By individualised previews and preview templates for different customers, you can address your target group more directly. The visualization of your content can be designed freely and the templates can be filled by yourself or edited by an agency. Thus, it is ensured that your titles are presented uniformly and on brand.

This relevant and valuable additional information faciliates the sighting and evalution of each title. Therefore, each interested party will find suitable books. Book sellers, journalists, bloggers and interested customers can all use VLB-TIX for research.

Efficient Purchase

VLB-TIX is characterized not only by the possibility to research and assign each title, but also by the smooth processing of data.

You can “bookmark” individual titles and view complete catalogues or specially compiled ones by publishing houses. Comments functions for personal use or for exchange with collegues faciliate the orientation.

In order to serve individual main interests and assortment emphases, search profiles, which update on a daily basis, can be created. With VLB-TIX work-intensive and repeated searches are no longer necessary – and nevertheless you stay up-to-date.