The independent ordering system for optimized margins and easy order management,

As a clearing center for ordering, the IBU has been bundling the orders of participating booksellers and forwarding them to publishers and book wholesalers since 1990. Other IBU offerings include electronic business data exchange (feedback, delivery bills and "Gelbe Beilage") and conversion services (EANCOM, BWA, DIBU+).

IBU Offers the Solution

Managing orders takes a lot of time. Time that you can dedicate to more important things. As a clearing center in the ordering system, IBU bundles orders of participating bookstores and forwards them to publishers and book wholesalers. This simplifies the ordering process - and saves important working time. IBU is a simple and cost-effective way to participate in electronic ordering.

IBU Order Clearing for Booksellers

Orders from publishers cause a lot of effort and cost time. Time that you would rather use to talk to your customers. On the other hand, the decision against publishing house orders is a decision against higher margins.

With IBU, you have only one order path and benefit from all advantages: Book orders as convenient as with the book wholesaler and - at the same time - as inexpensive as with the publisher. Less expenditure and nevertheless a larger margin. IBU makes it possible. At a price from 9 Euro per month.